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  1. Hello! I have a website with a lot of this style of set up of a two column bulleted list. On mobile there is that weird spacing between blocks that we'd like to fix. I have tried this code: /* Mobile About Text Spacing */ @media screen and (max-width:767px) { div#block-e77e43979a4769ff4c07 { padding-top: 0px !important; } div#block-69d74ed3c75cdf4428ac { padding-bottom: 0px !important; } } But it didn't eliminate that gap. I wonder if it just needs adjustment or if another fix is available. This would be something that is on 40+ pages of the site so I also wonder if it is a good practice to have that much coding for each block? Thanks for your help! PW to the site is: CascadeH22
  2. Sorry, I didn't think about that! And yes, I am! They don't list out specifically what the format should be, so I am unsure of what is going wrong. Here is a link to a Google Sheet since I can't upload a .csv here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zR0PtHTY6tq-jTYKlKx8xqmaDH4U9h-zNPoJM48wQa0/edit?usp=sharing
  3. Hi! I am mocking up a Squarespace site for a client who currently uses Shopify. I don't want to spend time moving over products manually/individually when this is just a demo site to show her what Squarespace can do. I am trying to use the product import by downloading a group of sample products from Shopify but every single time I go to import into Squarespace it gives me an error message to check formatting. I am going through the Shopify specific csv upload, so not sure what is up! Plus, if she does end up moving over to Squarespace, it would really sell her on it if I could just take the whole store and import it over. Thanks!
  4. Hi! Thanks so much for this code, it was just what I was looking for on my clients site. I was wondering if there was a way to get the product excerpt to display next to the variant options and pricing? I've removed the product thumbnail as I don't need it but I would like the excerpt to basically be in the place the thumbnail originally was. URL: https://opta-verb.squarespace.com/memberships/p/opta-annual-membership PW: OPTA2021 Thanks for any help!
  5. Site URL: https://www.optaschoolbus.org/ I have a client that wants their website rebuilt in Squarespace. Their current site was built 10-11 years ago by a programmer. They indicated they loved the idea of the design, and especially love the hover over light effect in the navigation. Obviously this looks outdated and we haven't gotten to the design process yet, but I am wondering if something similar can be done with Squarespace? I am thinking of using 7.0 for more control, I have the bulk of my experience with that version but totally open to 7.1. Current site URL: https://www.optaschoolbus.org/ Thanks!
  6. Same! I went in this morning and all links were underlined again. Worse yet, when I took the CSS out that removed the underlines initially, all links had TWO underlines now. When I put the CSS back, only one went away.
  7. Squarespace Help just posted on Twitter that their developers are aware of the issue and are working on it. I have the same thing going on.
  8. I was just coming onto the forum to post about the same thing happening with the website I am working on. Odd!
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