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  1. @tuanphan please could you elaborate on how you changed the search to a CTA button? Im lost and need help
  2. Site URL: https://www.rebuildex.com/ So the issue is my client wants a call to action on mobile by the logo that says call now with our number. He doesnt want it tucked into the navigation fold out that you tap to open on mobile, and he finds the mobile info bar too hard to easily spot. So is there a way to place something next to the logo and hamburger nav button on mobile only of a simple call to action pil lshaped green button that immediately pops open your phone to call us ?
  3. @tuanphan Unfortunately its not making the numbers move still. I even copied and pasted everything you have in a different code block. https://www.rebuildex.com/fire-damage heres the page
  4. Site URL: https://codepen.io/chadd/pen/gZeaBd I'm trying to get this counter to work on a page of mine. I've gotten the style emulated, however the counter doesn't count. Im not sure if its because its using the pug preprocessor or perhaps the scss preprocessor...if thats the case how can I code using those preprocessors on squarespace?
  5. https://codepen.io/kppsean/pen/GRKvqzz I am trying to place this code into a squarespace website, nothing is working though. I've used html code block for the html. CSS in the overall page css, and tried uploaadding the JS as a file, injecting it in the header, and placing the JS code in a script tag in the html block. What am I missing?
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