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  1. Thank you, Christy! So appreciate the help ; )
  2. Hi there, I am wanting to eliminate the hyphenation when headers are seen on mobile - see attached images. Site: https://blenny-tuatara-4768.squarespace.com/ Password: ebony Any help appreciated, thank you. Lee-Anne
  3. I used the overlap and it's working well, thank you! Just one last question: Do you know what I can do to get the image to bleed to the bottom of the block (and possibly to the side but that's not an issue really), between the pages, see screenshot.
  4. You mean have the text as part of the image block, using maybe card as the design option? I'll try that. ; )
  5. Yes, here is the site: https://clarinet-strawberry-9nzf.squarespace.com/ PW: gracie You can see I have tried various methods, one being having the banner image half the intended background color (our nannies). The transparent background one shows as black (our goal) as you said in your earlier post. I just need to know if it's possible to stack that left and right sides on mobile. No stress if not possible! Thank you.
  6. Hi again, Is there a way to get the left and right column to stack? If the image is half transparent that means on mobile type runs over half of image... Thanks for any suggestions
  7. Hi there, I am wanting to have full bleed image and background color side by side with text on the color background side, much like the Squarespace website: https://www.squarespace.com/ and see see screenshot for area I am referring too. I am wanting the 2 sides to be separately responsive so that the type is always just on the colour background. I do not have the coding knowledge to do this. Is there anyone who can help? Thank you.
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