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  1. Hi tazmeah,Thanks for your response--unfortunately, that doesn't seem to work either. I think the issue is that most squarespace help pages are pointing me to the fact that custom code does not work on index pages. Thank you anyway though!
  2. Hi Paul,The website is https://www.thecorsaironline.com. If you scroll to the bottom, you'll see the "Subscribe to our Newspaper" section. Thanks.
  3. I am trying to change the padding on a div in the Rally theme to be more mobile-responsive (currently when on mobile, the large padding forces the text off the edge of the page (see first screenshot), whereas I want a centered div (see second screenshot). I've put this JS code into my code injection but to no avail; I've been reading that code injection does not work on Index pages, so am thinking that might be the issue. Any advice on what to do? Following is the code (which works fine in Chrome DevTools): <script> if (screen.width <= 640){ var box = document.getElementsByCl
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