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  1. Hi - I am using the following code in the header of some of the individual pages that I don't want a banner image to appear in on my site. It is in the Jones template. <style> .page-banner-wrapper { display: none; } </style> The pages appear as I want them to in the preview on all views (mobile, tablet and desktop). Then when I test the site on my actual mobile, if I go from the homepage (with banner) to a page that's supposed to be without a banner, the banner image still appears. If I then refresh the "no banner" page, it goes away. If I then go back to the homepag
  2. I need to put "by appointment" for the hours on some days, rather than just "closed". Does anyone have any code or workarounds for this? I want the business hours that come up on the mobile bar to use "by appointment" so really need o fix this Thanks in advance
  3. Is there a workaround to have a fixed background image on mobile / tablet for iOS for Avenue template? I love the desktop view of my chosen background (cover and fixed) but when I view on my mobile or tablet it becomes distorted because it stretches to cover for the scrolling view. Anyone got any tips or code to have a fixed background on iOS mobile and tablet? Thanks
  4. Hi - I want to use a different, stacked version of my logo on the mobile version of my site in the Avenue template. Does anyone have CSS code for this?Thank you
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