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  1. Hi, I have the Lange template and would like to set the pointer event on the banner images of my index page to: none to disable the clickthrough function on the images. I have no experience with script injection whatsoever. Does anyone know how to do this? Suggestions very much appreciated. Thanks, Marcwww.marcschmidtphotography.com
  2. Hi @tazmeah , thanks a lot for your reply :)I'm using the Lange template for the look of full bleed images on the home page: www.marcschmidtphotography.comUnfortunately it turns out that the programming of this full bleed look doesn't seem to be thought through very well concerning functionality. If you click on the images, according to Squarespace support there is now way to link to others than the underlying project pages. Since my banner images are a random selection from different projects, I would like to either link to the referring project listed under the navigation point >Projects,
  3. HI, I have an issue with the banner-image clickthrough links on the index home page. Since it's not possible to link to another page, project, gallery etc. other than the underlaying page of the banner image, I would like to completely disable the link on the banner images. But that doesn't seem to be possible without messing around with the code. Any idea anyone? Cheers, Marc
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