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  1. Hi all,I'm working in the following website page:https://hqwebsitestudy.squarespace.com/home/jamdPassword: 12345678 I'd like to know if it's possible to replace the blue arrow that indicates the next post for a blue circle. I've uploaded a bluecircle.png icon on css custom files but haven't found a way to replace the svg.next-icon for the new asset. If so, what code injection can help me achieve this result for both Next (right) and Previous (left) arrows?Thanks in advance,Eliahu
  2. Hi @colin.irwin, First of all, thank you for answering. I don't really understand how to implement this as I'm not familiar with JavaScript or coding in general. I have a Business plan so I'm able to do this kind of alterations. How would the code injection for this look like? Thank you once again, Eliahu
  3. Hi all, I'm working in the following website page: https://hqwebsitestudy.squarespace.com/news Password: 12345678 The .date-wrapper originally shows Day and Month (29 Oct). My goal is to showcase Month and Year (Oct 2019) in this specific page. I've already add the following custom css line: .collection-5d6672978931a00001370dcb .day {display: none;} How can I get it to show the year as well? Thanks in advance, Eliahu
  4. Hi @tuanphan, Thank very much for the help.The code works perfectly - the only problem is that now it doesn't change the color when it's an active link/the mouse sits on it. Do you know any way to overcome that?
  5. Hello, I'm creating a website using the Skye template.I know very little about coding, so I'd be very grateful for any help. I'd like the "Link Color" in the navigation bar to be a darker grey for the following items "About Us", "News & Press", "People" and "Work With Us". The Active Link Color should stay blue once clicked and once the mouse sits on it. Is it possible?In case it makes it easier to visualize, my website is https://hqwebsitestudy.squarespace.com/Password: 12345678 @Paul2009 you have helped me before, us there any chance you know a way to do this?Thank you in advance, Eliahu
  6. Hi Paul2009,First of all, thank you for helping. Added the code and saved it - still the thumbnails are converted into banners inside of the blog posts. Do you have any other suggestion? Thank you,Eliahu
  7. Hello, I'm creating a website using the Skye template and beside the main Blog I've created a Blog Page in which each team member is a post - so in the about page I can add a summary block with the team members. The thing is that, when the team member page opens, the thumbnail creates a huge banner image - which is good for the projects in the main blog, but terrible for the team members blog posts. Is there any way to toggle the banner image option off just for this specific blog-page or for specific posts through coding? In case it makes it easier to visualize, my website is https://hqwebsitestudy.squarespace.com/ (I've seen that @justin1024 @garudacrafts @Paul2009 @JonathanGennick answered similar questions)Thank you in advance,Eliahu
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