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  1. Site URL: http://www.luckytargetcomics.com Just wondering if anyone has found a reliable plug in options for Reviews i.e allowing customers to leave a Rating/Feedback comment.? Tried Bawkbox but it didn't work right and I read somewhere else that it slows the site (which I cannot afford to do as my site is BIG). I only want to add one if I can be sure it won't be glitchy or problematic.
  2. @Paul2009 Thanks. Actually, adding a Gallery Grid for each row needed and then the correct URL for each Image seems to have worked and is the best solution for this particular situation. A small victory!
  3. Thanks, Paul. This is all the fault of my original developer who did not understand what she was doing and did not give me the right information. She has taken ££££ off me and then left me with this mess. She refused to accept any culpability and said Shopify would not be any better as they only allow 50 products per page. I am now many months after an embarrassing failed launch, because her original structure was useless, trying to sort the mess on my own and trying to get her to transfer the website over to me without taking her to court. As well as the money wasted on her, I have had the loss of income from no real outlet. I totally appreciate your honestly and the information. I just cannot afford to start again or hire a new developer. I'll have to make things work here for now as best I can and try and get some sales going. Maybe in a year or two I can look for ways to improve things (or just get a real job ;) ). At the moment I am trying out adding some grids at Squarespace's suggestion. Hopefully I can cobble something more functional together. Thanks again, Sumyra
  4. Hi @Paul2009 The site has got a lot of product pages and will ultimately have at least 100 due to the 200 product per page limit (I am aiming to have at least 20,000 items for sale in a few years). The Home Page needs to be a quick view clickable summary of lots of different product but they need to be pulled from various pages - Summary Blocks are useless because they can only pull from one page. Below the Blog section I want to put a row of recently added items - maybe 5 to 7 equally sized image links to products from across the site. Then a row of DC comics pulled from various pages. Then a row of Marvel from various pages. Then a row of Graphic Novels from various pages etc. The stuff at the bottom of the page can stay. I played around with it a lot last night but nothing worked. I tried added a whole new section and seeing if I could line up individual product adds - nope they just come all different sizes. Page design on Squarespace seems oddly complicated to me but maybe that is just because I don't understand it very well or maybe I am on the wrong template?
  5. Can anyone point me in the right direction for changing the layout of products on my homepage? My now estranged web designer set the style and just used summary blocks. This is no good for the website as I have lots of product pages and will be adding more (thousands of products to add). Summary blocks only allow products from one. What I need is rows across the screen of product from various product pages.I tried just using add Product. It is really hard to get them to sit side by side in a row and it destroy the other elements on the page, some of which need to be kept - all the content gets squashed to the side. I am not a web designer so figuring things out as I go.
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