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  1. I answered my own question: So this option to show the quantity field is available, it's hidden under site styles, but you MUST be on the product's page for it to show. Thank you SO much to myself for answering my own question, and I do hope it can help some other poor fellow.
  2. Hello, I've found plenty of the opposite (remove quantity field) but I'm having the other issues, my quantity field is hidden on my products. It will show up only if I select "Show add to cart button", but not on the product itself (either on Quick View, or if you select the item. Add to cart is visible, but there is no QUANTITY field. I did find some examples of CSS code injection that hides the quantity field: .product-quantity-input { display:none !important; } Website: www.hoerrnursery.com/holiday2019 Thanks in advance for any help. Using Brine template family and Fairfield templat
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