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  1. Thank you - yes, I'm not sure where I would put those code blocks/CSS or what they would be at the moment.
  2. Thanks for the question. I'm trying to replicate the Wordpress site in Squarespace, as much as I can. I.e. I'm trying to rebuild it as closely as possible in Squarespace. If I can do this well enough then I will transfer from the Wordpress site to Squarespace.
  3. Thank you and apologies to all. Corrected now in question to here
  4. Hi everyone, I'm trying to replicate the image border on an existing site's homepage www.scribbleanddaub.com. I managed to do this last year in a demo, but left it too long and was deleted :-) now I can't remember at all how I did it. An example of the html in the original site border is: <img class="border-left" src="http://scribbleanddaub.com/wp-content/themes/scribbledaub/img/border-left.png"> Would be great to know if it's possible to apply this to a gallery on a particular page, as it is in the original site. Many, many thanks for any help. Tim
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