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  1. hey crbailey, Thanks for helping me through this. It looks like I'll have to edit the meta data for every post then? I just tried to do this and it only let's me change the title but the author's name still remains with no option to edit it. I'll attach a screenshot to show what I'm talking about. The CSS code has been impleneted as well FYI. -Mick
  2. Okay I tried the CSS code, I'm not sure if that takes awhile to update the page and kick in. I guess what I'm really trying to do is delete the author's name from post's to other sites. As in when I push my Squarespace content to my Facebook page it contains the "blog title -- author's name" in every post title. It also shows up like this on Google search results. Is there any way to remove the author's name from those post titles?
  3. I've read through other posts that there should be an option to "Hide Entry Author" but I can't find this option for the life of me. I'm scared to use a CSS code to override this as I don't want to do it wrong or enter a faulty code and have it break my site. I also tried to add a basic author and make their name blank but I have to have some symbol or letter for that author's name so it doesn't completely remove the author's name through that way. Any advice? I'm using Wexley version 7. Thanks!
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