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  1. Hi @tuanphan Could you please also advise how can I make this text boxes equal width? https://rhombus-paddlefish-39ss.squarespace.com/ Cheers
  2. Oh thanks. Have a look now https://rhombus-paddlefish-39ss.squarespace.com/ password is alex2019
  3. I've made the header fixed using below code but the header is not on the top of the page. When I scroll down I can see a little bit of the content showing through small gap at the top of the page (screenshot attached). How can I move the header to the top of the page please? .Header { position: fixed!important; z-index: 1000; width: 100%; } https://rhombus-paddlefish-39ss.squarespace.com/ Cheers
  4. I want to make the gallery full bleed and possibly make the pictures size smaller in Foster Template. https://rhombus-paddlefish-39ss.squarespace.com/ Hope someone can advice? Thanks
  5. Hi @tuanphan. Hope you are well? Sorry for delay but I have sent you a small donation for your help. Best regards. Take care. Alex
  6. Hi @tuanphan. Thank you once again, I think im good for know. My client will now review the website and we will go live. I will see how everything will run and if I need any more help I will definitely use your paid service. For now I will send you a donation for your help if that's ok?This was my first time I've built website and used squarespace forum so I'm only just learning how things works. Have a great day Regards Alex
  7. Thank you so much. The website is perfect now
  8. Amazing @tuanphan And now I just need to make the heading white and that will be absolutely perfect Could you do this last one for me please?
  9. Good evening @tuanphan, hope you are well?Thank you so much for all your help so far. I'm afraid I've got one more favour to ask - I would like to make the newsletter form as white outline instead of solid background colour. Is there a code for that?I would be very grateful for your help again. https://heron-gar-tw2b.squarespace.com/index/#/new-page-2
  10. Hi @tuanphan. Thank you for this, yes I would prefer to hide only the dates and leave later/earlier. Could you please send the code for this?Thank you very much for your help, you are the best!
  11. @tuanphan Sorry for that, what I mean is when I click on the event on the homepage (summary block) new window with that particular event opens. On the bottom are shown earlier event (on the left) and later event (on the right) which you can click to check earlier/later events. The dates are shown and I would like to hide them. https://heron-gar-tw2b.squarespace.com/config/pages This screenshot should be better
  12. Hi @tuanphan, sorry to bother you again :)Would you be able to help me with one more thing regarding hiding the dates?I attached a screenshot explaining what dates I want to hide as well. Thank you
  13. Thank you for your help @tuanphan I will speak to my client and ask what else she needs but for now it's all good.
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