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  1. It would be REALLY helpful to know what the roadmap is for SQS 7.1

    We are looking at building a suite of new websites and love many of the features of SQS 7.1 but can't live  without a few of the missing features (import/export, secondary menu).

    I understand that you are in development with this platform but some high level best guesses around feature set, timing and what will happen with SQS 7 would really help.


  2. I am investigating rebuilding a simple Drupal site on thequarespace platform.

    If possible this would be a major time saver for us in the long run. We would no longer have to worry about our web host Linux OS updates and Drupal CMS updates and in terms of backend UX it would be a much nicer platform for our comms team etc to use.

    The site I want to rebuild is a simple brochure type website (no client login etc). The URL is:https://www.sciencegallery.org/

    As a quick test in just an hour or so I've built a pretty close approximation of the home page using an out of the box Squarespace theme:https://endive-cranberry-fnhp.squarespace.com/

    We could probably live with some limitations if it meant a significant saving in time and effort.


    Some questions:

    1. Will Squarespace Dev tools let me get even closer to the theme I am trying to rebuild (the header and menu layout in particular)?

    2. When creating a custom squarepace theme can I modify a base theme or do I have to start from scratch?

    3. I'm wondering if more experience Squarespace users/devs think this is doable/advisable.

    4. Does squarespace let me define specific content types with custom fields that I can then style anyway I want?

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