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  1. So I have a business and I am a middle man for most of it. Based on the dropdown feedback I get, depending on their location, the email would go to different people for a quote. Is there a way to set up my quote form so that based on a certain location, the email would go to one person and based on another location, it go to someone else? So if someone needs a quote in California, it goes to one person, but when they say its for indiana, it goes to another person. I hate having to get the email then reach out on my owner, losing time and also losing out on others who are doing something similar and we use the same contact/person for fulfill our orders. Thanks
  2. I'm astonished squarespace can't get this figured out. I'll be cancelling my page and account and moving to Wix or a better service which provides more. Sucks but.... squarespace is now last compared to their competition.
  3. So every other company similar to Squarespace.... including Wix, allow users to have sub folders under the main folder. This is critical for many people. Just an example -Folder (Locations) -Sub Folder (Alabama) -Cites pages -Mobile -Atlanta -Birmingham Is there a simple way to do this for dropdowns, because I don't see anyway to do it and I may have to convert my page to another provider.
  4. Anyone............. bueller...................... help......................
  5. Yes, please see the link provided! I'd like to have it to when I post a link on a page it gives a small preview from the link, including picture, just like you see in the link provided with all the cars.
  6. Is there anyone answering questions???? Very odd to get zero responses in a help forum............
  7. Site URL: https://medium.com/deloreantothemax/deloreans-for-sale-eba126ea987d I'd like to add previews to links on a page. An example is listed here https://medium.com/deloreantothemax/deloreans-for-sale-eba126ea987d How do you go about doing that? There has to be a way but I can't find it.
  8. that doesn't answer why google won't index my page! That is a big issue right now.... as it's my business an kind of needs to be indexed by google!
  9. Having trouble getting my site on google indexing. I've tried in vein....
  10. I've tried everything, in vain, my image will not load. It's a blank white image. I've added an image to the social media image section under the header, still nothing.
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