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  1. I am using banners without text simply as a way to get a browser-width image in Bedford. While these banners respond excellent on desktop and larger mobile devices, they are far to shallow (~212px high) on smaller mobile devices, (~750px wide and smaller). (I think) I would like to use media query to target smaller mobile devices and increase the banner container height to ~420px high. You can access the site here: https://seahorse-tulip-rfst.squarespace.comBelow is visual reference of the difference in sizes. Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks mdhanjal — that sort of works. But the rollover state fades to black and then to gray (check it out here: https://seahorse-tulip-rfst.squarespace.com). Do you have any further ideas to remove the black and gray as well as to get the #BA1227 to be the rollover color? Many thanks
  3. I'm using the "Circle - Solid" style of social media icon in the body (as opposed to the footer) of a page, using the Bedford template. You can see it here: https://seahorse-tulip-rfst.squarespace.com Specifically, I would like to apply #D62028 as the default color and #BA1227 as the rollover color. Having searched for this subject, I found a couple of answers, but none that worked for me. Can any codemasters point the way? Cheers
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