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  1. Site URL: https://www.karynchabot.com Hello Squarespace, I have a drip campaign question. After researching SS articles and videos on drip campaigns, I understand there are 2 ways to trigger them: 1. Newsletter sign up 2. Purchase a product on my SS site. That said, I am choosing the product option because I want to save Newsletters for prospective students and customers. I run an online school where students can enroll anytime self-paced. I have 23 email templates with curriculum guidelines that get sent out every Monday automatically from Mailchimp. I would like to leave mailchimp and sign up for SS, but want to make sure I can replicate the auto campaign feature Mailchimp offers. One student would have to purchase a product 5 times to stay enrolled and keep getting the weekly auto emails. In other words, since the SS campaign only spans 5 weeks, students would have to renew on my website every 5 weeks to stay in the email automation loop. Since I have 23 emails - 5 X 5 = 25. That’s close enough to 23. I don’t want to charge my students for this. Is there a way to set up a mock product free and make it appear as if it’s a real product so it activates the 5 auto campaigns? Please advise. Thank you. Karyn
  2. Site URL: https://www.karynchabot.com/ Hello Fellow Squarespacers! Has anyone had success using the new squarespace scheduling interface? If so, what is your favorite and least favorite feature? I am trying to decide between the $24/mo or the higher price plan and don't have enough information to make a decision. I hope someone on this forum can help since squarespace staff are very busy and slower to reply than usual due to COVID. Here's my deal: I am a counselor and mostly work from my home office, either in person or over the phone for those that live too far away to drive to me. I also work at 2 other locations once per month for 1 day each counseling at 2 different wellness centers to new clientele. That means I need a few different calendars or a feature/option that would allow me to mark the days that I am not available by phone or in person at my home office for my regular clientele. I have long distance phone clients as well, so I would need the time zone option that appears to belong to the higher priced plan. I don't need any of the other features in that higher priced plan I don't think though. I can't understand why the $24/mo doesn't offer a time zone option? They expect all clients to be local? Strange. Also, I would need an option to book client's myself while I am out of my office---on errands, for example----from my Iphone. I have never edited my squarespace site from my Iphone, but maybe it's possible? Is there a phone app for this? I would also like to be able to edit appointments remotely using my Iphone. Is this possible with this interface or do I have to wait until I get to my office to use my Imac enter clients in or edit their appointments? I would be so grateful for any insight or hearing from anyone who has experience using this interface. Thank you! Karyn
  3. Hi Lewis. I would be so very grateful for your help at creating click thru hyperlinks for the photos on my Wexely homepage. It does show the ability for click thru links when I go to settings, but they don't work....perhaps disabled? Yet, the staff at squarespace say it's impossible to get the photo blocks on the home page of Wexely to ever click thru. They suggested other templates, but I really don't want to start over again. I would be so grateful if you have a work around that squarespace staff doesn't know about? Thank you! Karyn@sacredstonehealing.com.
  4. Hello Squarespace-I just created a new site on my https://www.karynmariechabot.com/ domain using your template Wexley. Please visit the home page and click on one of my images. Notice the click doesn’t take you anywhere. Instead, it just opens the photo larger. How can I insert a link into these image so when a customer clicks on one of my many images, it will take them to another webpage with more information instead of just enlarging what is already there? I did put links inside each image as shown in the screen shot below, but when clicking on the front end on a picture, nothing happens. Regardless, inserting these links doesn’t bring anyone anywhere. Any solutions? Please advise. Thank you. Best, Karyn
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