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  1. @tuanphan The links are in the original post. I've copied them here: https://nalanihmelo.com/portraits-gallery https://nalanihmelo.com/travel The website is live, and I cannot put these galleries into masonry view because the images get cropped. Please see the screenshot to see how the grid appears when it is in masonry. Thank you. I'm just looking for a code that will eliminate the automatic crop on masonry view (see screenshot in original post) and show every image at its original ratio. Masonry view usually does this, but seems to be glitching on these subpages for some reason.
  2. Hi @tuanphan! The problem is, we do not want to use a Simple Grid layout. We would like to use the Masonry Grid, where the images do not appear in straight rows ... but as described in the original post, for some reason the photos are being cropped. I'm looking for CSS to prevent the crop, as shown in the screenshot. Can you help?
  3. Site URL: https://nalanihmelo.com Hi! We are using the masonry grid gallery section on the homepage of a photography website, and it looks great. However, we are experiencing trouble on two of the subpages — when we try to place images in the masonry grid style on these subpages, for some reason, the images are being cropped. We would like to prevent the images from cropping. These are the subpages: https://nalanihmelo.com/portraits-gallery https://nalanihmelo.com/travel The gallery sections used on these subpages are currently set to SIMPLE to avoid the strange auto-cropping. (When we switch the galleries on these pages to masonry view: Some of the portrait images, for example, are being cropped to horizontals. I've attached a screenshot of the PORTRAITS subpage to show how those images are being cropped in the Masonry view.) Again, we are using the masonry on our homepage, and the images there are not being cropped. Thank you for your help!
  4. Oops! Thanks @tuanphan. tambourine-dandelion-gl4g.squarespace.com Password: SQS
  5. Site URL: https://tambourine-dandelion-gl4g.squarespace.com/ We are using a Site Title instead of a logo on this website, and want to prevent the title from breaking onto two lines. As you can see in the screenshots: When the browser window is wide, the title appears on one line. But when the browser window is narrower, the Site Title breaks. I would like to expand the width of this container to force the Site Title to remain on one line for all desktop screen sizes. Thank you!
  6. Site URL: https://lobster-parakeet-5fh3.squarespace.com/index Hello! I'm using the Tag Cloud to create an index page for our blog. I've formatted the cloud to appear in columns — but I can't figure out how to force each tag to have a paragraph break after it and start on a new line. (Although the columns help to force things onto new lines, when site is viewed on a wide screen, the tags still run together because they do not have a hard paragraph break.) https://lobster-parakeet-5fh3.squarespace.com/index Pass: MV
  7. Me too please! Underneath the main GUCCI banner, there is a row of four images. On mobile, I would like to show two images side by side in two rows, instead of stacked. Can you help? Thank you! https://lobster-parakeet-5fh3.squarespace.com/ Pass: MV
  8. Hi, I am using the CARD cover page and have successfully changed the background color of the card (or center box) to transparent using the code below. This looks great on the backend of Squarespace in desktop, iPad, and mobile views. And it looks fine on my iPhone 8 S Plus when held in portrait. However, when I turn the phone to landscape, the black card (center box) mysteriously appears again, ignoring the transparency rule ... any ideas??? Thank you! Here is the code I am currently using: .sqs-slide-layer.layer-front.full-width-height .sqs-slide-layer-content.align-content-center-vert .sqs-slice-group.group-copy.copy-layer-background.align-center-vert{ background-color:transparent!important; } Website: easyriders.com
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