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  1. https://coconut-harmonica-rwsa.squarespace.com/ password is test page is under Post Production > Film is there any way to display text under that Gallery Grid?
  2. Find it really weird that you can add descriptions to gallery images in a grid but they only display if you make the gallery a slideshow Is there any way to display the image description underneath the image while it's in a grid? Attached is an image of grid for reference, would love to have some text under those images
  3. Thanks for the suggestion! Does this go in the Blog Item Code Injection? I posted it there but didn't seem to change the color of the lines :/
  4. https://www.1000choicesblog.com/home/blog/2019/1/garretbeard
  5. Hi, Still new at designing SS sites, is it possible to change the color of this dividing line? Trying to find in the Site Styles section but can't seem to locate it...
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