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  1. I discovered that my client has the Personal Plan that only allows color coding through the theme and CSS at the website level, not the webpage level, unlike the more expensive plans.
  2. https://morganorganizers.com/latest-news/2019/8/9/seniors-helping-our-loved-ones-live-better-lives Yes. That’s exactly what I mean. In the Word document that I saved in .docx and .xml the links are dark blue, light blue, pink, orange, and green. When I copy/paste into the Squarespace editor, all the links turn blue, however, when you view the live page, the links are pink.
  3. Is there a way to change the hyperlink color in a blog to a variety of colors that match my business’ branding, e.g., five different colors; dark blue, light blue, pink, orange, and green?
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