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  1. Reading the code of the page, I guess this is quite impossible to do on a product page... I would really like to get a confirmation though, if someone knows for sure. I know it's possible to use products blocks and build an index page with it at the top, but the blocks don't look that good and I don't see this as an option.
  2. I tried using a and a background color but this is certainly not the right approach, and I'm wondering if there is a way to achieve the style I'm looking for. Sorry can't share the page now as the products aren't released yet.
  3. I would like to feature quite a bit of information on product pages, and the way I would like to do it is by adding full-width "cards" with different background colors in the 'Additional Info' of the product page. I tried using code, but wasn't able to make it work so far. Does someone have an idea on how to achieve this look?
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