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  1. Hi, I want to change the grid gallery padding at different @media queries/browser sizes, so when the browser and images shrink, so does the spacing between them. I scoured all the source files and can't figure out what controls that. Any suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I changed the "mobile breakpoint" to 1000px (just to test, but will probably keep about this size, and only the menu changes at that size from a full navigation to a hamburger type. The grid and the pages with images do not stack into a single column until the typical 640px breakpoint. Does anybody know how to get around this? I need all the columns - grid gallery and page layout - to go to one at 1000px wide. Thanks!
  3. I figured it out... it seems that so far I've been answering all my own questions :). .image-block { padding-top: 20px !important; padding-bottom: 50px !important; }
  4. I figured it out. The container with the content is called "main", so: main {padding-top: 100px;}
  5. I'm making the site 1800px max for now, so I put this: .Header (this will fix it in place) {position: fixed; (site width) width: 1800px; (not sure this is necessary) margin: 0; (so it's on top of all the layers) z-index: 1000;} My site is actually not 1800px wide, because I have side padding, but however the SP code was written, it disregards the padding amount and it works with matching the header size here to the site width. Now I got to figure out how to make it shrink down. Will post once I figure it out. If your site stretches all the way across, you can put "width: 100%;"
  6. Sure, it's on this homepage:https://badger-manatee-j6xk.squarespace.com Thanks.
  7. Does anybody know how to custom style the search block box dropdown list in CSS? I would like to change: 1. font 2. background color 3. thumbnail size Thanks.
  8. Does anyone know of a custom code which could redirect the 404 error page to the home index page? Squarespace gives options to redirect to various pages, but not to the home page if it is an index page. I'm thinking there is no way to do it, because on another site I wrote by hand, I put that code in the htaccess file.
  9. On a basic (blank) page (with image blocks and text), is there a way to adjust the top margin so it starts lower? I don't want to add a spacer block because it's too big. Alternatively, I could add a margin to the h1, which is at the top of the page. I tried: h1 {margin-top: 30px;} and h1 {padding-top: 30px;} and neither worked. Thanks.
  10. I figured it out looking at the page source .Index-gallery {margin-left: 10px; margin-right: 10px;} It's case specific, though... kind of odd: "Index" needs to be capitalized.
  11. I'm looking for the CSS code to control the padding between image blocks (or possibly between all blocks). I've tried combinations of these with margin or padding, and nothing changes. .sqs-block.image-block { margin-top: 100px !important; padding-bottom: 100px !important; } Thanks.
  12. Does anyone know the name of the (index) gallery container to which I can change the padding in Custom CSS? To replace the .xxx below .xxx {padding-left, padding-right: 40px;} I have a site padding of 40px and a padding between index gallery images of 20px.So the gallery sticks out by 20px more than the header and the rest of the site content.(If I put down no side padding for the index gallery in the style editor, then the gallery will stick out by 40px). I could also apply the padding to the gallery page, instead of the gallery image container. Using Brine, but I'm not sure it matters.
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