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  1. @tuanphan Are you using an iPhone? I have noticed iphone is white link but android is fine. Ahh. This is so frustrating! Cleaning the cache didn’t help. :(
  2. @tuanphan Here's the screenshot of the mobile version. The phone number is showing as white color (where the arrow is pointing). I can't get it to match the other colors! Would you be able to help? Thanks!
  3. Hi! Newbie here! I'm using the Keene template and the phone number on my footer in my mobile version is showing up as a white color. The background color is a light green so the phone number is not showing up. I've been looking for answers all day on the forum and google and am still having trouble. Hoping someone can help! This is my website: www.RussellDentalLV.com Thanks!!
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