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  1. Site URL: https://www.ausliebezumhaustier.de/ Dear all, I am running a website on pets. A main factor of income is the integration of amazon affiliate links. When I started the blog, the integration of amazon blocks with products from amazon.DE was no problem. Now - as I have read on the internet - it's only possible to integrate products from amazon.COM. As unfortunate as this fact is - it doesn't work for me. It doesn't matter if I type in a URL (from amazon.COM), a product name or some other search term in the settings of the amazon block in Squarespace: I always get the information "Amazon Search Service is temporarily unavailable". This has been the case for many months (if not years ...) now. Is there any workaround I could use? Or does anybody have any idea how I can fix that? My solution (adding an embed block with the amazon html code for a certain product image and altering the code by manually adding the price) is not satisfying and very laborious. The integration via embed code of the amazon html code with an image and price just doesn't look good (the picture is too small, the product information is cut off ...). Does anybody have a solution for this? Or does anybody know when this issue will finally be fixed? Thanks a lot for your time! Kind regards Nadine
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