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  1. This time it works ! Thanks @tuanphan !Great link by the way !
  2. Hello, I'd like to have a fixed header on mobile with Adirondack template, is that possible ?Couldn't find an answer on the forum. my website : www.marcelledormoy.com Thanks in advance !Pierre
  3. So fast, thx a lot ! Again !Everytime I try to understand your code and apply it to a different situation but I failed... :)
  4. Hello @tuanphan sorry to bother you again. I have 2 more things I'd like to translate, I tried myself but didn't succed... On shop page : https://www.marcelledormoy.com/boutiqueI'd like to translate : "ALL" that refer to the filters On any page, I'd like to translate the "item" caption in the basket, like on the picture. Thanks again for your great help !
  5. So far I'm good, thx a lot !Maybe later on :) Cheers
  6. Wow thanks @tuanphan that's perfect ! It works.Great :) Good night !
  7. No problem, you helped me a lot already ! Have a good rest !
  8. @tuanphan In an ideal world, I'd like to change : - CHECKOUT button - SHOPPING CART title - and caption such as : Subtotal / item / QTY / Price
  9. Here you go, but you won't see much because you won't be login. https://www.marcelledormoy.com/cart
  10. I guess it's a different approach for the shopping cart page ?
  11. Hi there, Here is the thing, I'm using Adirondack template and it doesnt support multilingual website.So I'd like to translate few button such as "SIGN IN" to "SE CONNECTER / SIGN IN" I'm facing the same problem in my "Shopping cart" page Any idea how I could achieve that ? Thanks in advance ! webiste : https://www.marcelledormoy.com/ Pierre
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