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  1. @tuanphan all pages but 'Results' is the only once that seems to be centering.
  2. @tuanphan hmmm now any 'Results' copy is centering verses left aligning like the other copy 'Content: Activating Influencers. Is that part of the CSS? Any way to make it consistent?
  3. @tuanphan yes essentially that is what I am trying to accomplish. Did you have to do that with code or through an option on the template? It seems like I'm unable to adjust code without upgrading to a business membership.
  4. @tuanphan essentially yes. Seems like I would have to buy a business account to handle adjusting the code to handle that unless you see other options in the template?
  5. Your image didn't show up..... but I did find a solution for now...its not perfect, as it causes the spacing to shift a bit, but I created a single pixel image banner in order to create a title. Have to see how it looks in mobile etc but that might be my only solution if I'm unable to make other changes to the Project pages.
  6. https://www.kategoldsmith.com/sony-mlbscroll to the results image. I would prefer to create this as live text rather than an image. with the Results as the header above the image. But there doesn't even seem to be a place to adjust the code even if I wanted to add: Results
  7. Seems like there is only the standard to have the title and description placed below or next to an image in the Projects pages in the York template. I'm trying to get additional text boxes Or a work around for placement of Title and descriptions to be on top for one instance or in all. I've tried to make an image with copy above but the text obviously doesn't scale for mobile so it looks inconsistent. Please help! Is there some code that can be imputed in to the description box (don't see that as an option either) or some other solution?
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