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  1. Hi all, Is there a way to force mobile responsive-design? The blog post I'm looking at looks great on a wide screen until I reduce the width to about half a 27" wide screen then the design starts to deteriorate. https://projectsinsider.com/project/3-rubida-court-endeavour-hills lifeisgood At wide screen: At half screen: Then just before mobile responsive-design kicks in: Mobile responsive-design: Additionally, is there a way to have the page response created in this way whereby the main body does not get reduced until the unused/empty spaces on the left and right have been used first? https://a-d.com.au/new-apartments-developments/vic/footscray-3011/millhouse Full screen: Half screen: Tablet size I think: Mobile: Other similar sites: https://www.urban.com.au/new-apartments/liberty-one-1-warde-street-footscray https://www.realestate.com.au/project/millhouse-footscray-600031454 https://www.ibuynew.com.au/apartments/vic/melbourne/east/hawthorn-east/hawthorn-park
  2. Not yet. Would appreciate any assistance you can offer @tuanphan I considered sqsp plugins but that creates a padding from top to bottom on the right which I do not want because it interferes with the gallery carousel at the top and the summary blocks at the bottom. Also the overflow:hidden does not allow that sidebar to be sticky. Thank you!
  3. Hi All, Not sure if anyone else has achieved a similar effect for a sidebar. Is there any way to code a sticky sidebar so that it starts and stops as I have indicated below? This will be for all blog posts within one specific blog. I have seen it on two other websites though I think they must be using wordpress. Happy to also be told that this is not something that can be achieved in Squarespace. Ther's body content inbetween and then stopping just above the <hr> near the bottom of the page. Cheers!
  4. Excerpts meaning the thumbnail view, generally in summary blocks, of blog posts. The icons you may be referring to seeing are actually inside my the <body> of my blog posts. I want the icons to be inserted within this view below in the excerpts. This is where I enter information into the excerpt. How do I get icons in there? Thanks for looking into it @tuanphan!
  5. Hi all, Looking for recommendations of polls to embed that will allow results to be instantly displayed once a selection or vote has been submitted. Feel free to share about any insights or experiences in using or creating poll plugins. Cheers!
  6. Hi all, Does anyone have a way of inserting icons or images in excerpts? I want my excerpt to include information looking like this. https://projectsinsider.com/project/3-rubida-court-endeavour-hills lifeisgood Thanks!
  7. No I haven't actually @tuanphan. All i changed was to keep the map block at the default size. ie the size immediately after you add the map block. The problem still occurs when I increase the vertical height by clicking and dragging on desktop to the height that i want. When I do this, without changing the width, the vertical height on mobile decreases which is what i don't want.
  8. Hi @tuanphan, For Summary Blocks and Blog Page. I may have several pages with different filters used on the Summary Blocks. Thanks.
  9. Hi all, Is there any way of increasing the height of the map block on mobile only? It's currently so skinny even though the height is proportionally larger on desktop. I have tried these bits of CSS code without luck though I'm likely targeting the wrong object. @media only screen and (max-width: 767px) { .sqs-block-map{ height: 200px !important; } } https://projectsinsider.com/project/3-rubida-court-endeavour-hills lifeisgood Thanks!
  10. This code fixed it from @tuanphan. html, body { overflow-x: hidden; } Original source:
  11. Hi, Not sure what is causing the mobile view to have a horizontal scroll. The desktop view does not have this issue. The below image shows what happens when i scroll to the right. No other section protrudes into the blue area except this map block which has a plugin through squarewebsites advanced map block. Could the map be causing this unwanted horizontal scroll to occur or is it something else? https://projectsinsider.com/project/3-rubida-court-endeavour-hills lifeisgood Thanks!
  12. This works!! Amazing @tuanphan. Thank you! Initially I thought it did not work because I was looking at it in edit mode. Going to the live page shows the blog post title going to the right place.
  13. Definitely just let it be. Not worth looking into. Thanks all the same @creedon.
  14. Wow. How weird. Yes I see that it works when i go to the live website in a browser however when i am in the Squarespace builder, the City of Casey link still appears black. I suppose this is resolved in a way. Any idea why this happens?
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