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  1. Hi, folks - about a year ago, I was working on my first Squarespace website redesign for a client. As someone who was/is still more familiar with Wordpress, I was wondering what the best way was to create the new design for my client without (a) messing up their live site and (b) creating lots of complex/duplicative work for myself. In the end, it turns out that working on a new template and redesigning within the "template preview" mode in 7.0 met my & the client's needs just fine. I'm linking the old thread below in case useful for anyone! However, I'm now working on another redesig
  2. I found the answer elsewhere for this project, and it was dang simple (like I mentioned, was a Squarespace newbie at the time!). To help folks wondering about this now: I chose a new template for the client (Brine, I forget what they were originally using) and used the template preview feature to create my new design without impacting the live site. This is described in some detail here: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/205815598-Switching-templates In 7.0, the ability to work in a "template preview" more or less occupied the function of a staging site, in that you're abl
  3. I'm another person trying to get a Reel slideshow to autoplay in 7.1. I've seen a few answers floating around, but none seem to be working for me. Have folks confirmed that the code above shared by @Andrei and @tuanphan makes autoplay work for slideshow blocks in 7.1? If yes, I'm seeing people post that it works either when injected in the footer of the whole site or under advanced settings for a particular page — which is working? And maybe I'm completely missing something here, but should the slug added to target your gallery be your page ID (e.g. collection ID found in body tag) or se
  4. Hi, all - wondering if it's possible to display tags for a blog post in addition to/separately from other metadata (e.g. category, date), and elsewhere on the page. Context: I'm using the Brine template. Under "Site Styles," you can set "primary" and "secondary" metadata to display on any given post — and you can only display two metadata types. By default, those two pieces of metadata display under the blog post title, as below (here, I'm displaying Categories and Date). Question: What I'm wondering is — is it possible to, in addition to the "Prima
  5. Hi, folks - I'm building a site using a Brine child theme. I wanted to make my folder links in my topline nav link to pages (which should be easy to do!) and found that several folks had crafted solutions to this, so that's great! I went with the simple HTML workaround described here, and it's working great. However: I then noticed that on mobile, the folders I've added links to don't expand — they just go to the page I've linked to. (For example: say I have a folder called "Projects." I renamed that folder < a href="/projects" > Projects < /a > ...so that it now links to m
  6. I'm a freelance designer/developer who's still learning some of the ropes. I'm fairly experienced with Wordpress (but still have lots to learn there too!) but am currently working with a client to redesign their Squarespace site. I've learned that unlike with Wordpress or Drupal, there's no support to create a staging site in Squarespace to make major changes without changing (and potentially breaking) the live site. From browsing this forum, I know I'm not the only one who finds that frustrating. Anyway: my client has an existing Squarespace site, and they want a thoroughly redesigned site
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