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  1. Hey Simon - This is a major ux flaw and oversight. Really, it should be a clean, simple and intuitive dropdown like every other worthy ecommerce site out there. I'm hoping Squarespace addresses this sooner than later; The user currently has no cues that there are other "hidden" categories there. They don't know what they don't know, and that's not a good thing for sales conversion! To make the Product Detail page sub-nav more palatable for now, I ended up creating some custom CSS to get around (aka band-aid) the problem. My CSS centers, tightens up, and displays ALL visible product sub-categories. I also disabled the sticky factor. This makes no sense to have it floating over an already busy and limited-sized viewport. If anything, SQS should just add a small sticky "back to top" arrow button in bottom right. Then again, they still haven't figured out how to slide up and down the page via anchor tags in 7.1. 😕 I do want to say that I love 7.1 for it's incredible potential. It's still early days with their ecomm platform. The latest update was a big leap forward. But, it still has a ways to go to really compete with the likes of Shopify. The reason I'm not Shopify is because it feels old, hard, and boxed-in. Too many options, loss of plug-in support, tired and inflexible templates, etc. Squarespace sites are nimble by design and always evolving. They feel more 'alive.' Squarespace allows me way more flexibility to create unique and focused pages in any arrangement I choose with speed and relative ease vs Shopify's canned templates that are nice out of the gate but don't evolve well. Sites get tired fast. So it's all about flexibility, ease of use, and timing. Give me curated best-of-breed 3rd party options (and enough of them), not every available option that I have to sift through and hope work out (Shopify). Squarespace, unlike Wix (or Shopify obvi), truly allows me to design and generate content at the speed of thought. Wix is ok for basic stuff. But it's nowhere near as 'deep' as Squarespace. I'm ok with adding some custom CSS while waiting for SQS engineers to add more and better ecommerce features. Because each time they do, this platform shows it has the best of both worlds. Hence why I'm staying with it vs using a boxed-in 'Kitchen Sink' platforms like Shopify or 'more sizzle than steak' platforms like Wix. Had to get that out. For the record I have zero affiliation with Squarespace. I just like the platform a lot. 🙂 Anyway, try pasting the CSS below into your custom CSS. It may be what you're looking for. NOTE: you may want to remove or disable certain styles depending on your layout. If nothing else, it gives you the idea of what can be done to improve the user experience a bit while Squarespace comes up with a way better solution than it has now. Hope it helps! * ////// SHOP SUB-CAT NAV STYLES & MODS ////// */ /* On mobile, Style mobile Shop Page breadcrumb nav */ @media screen and (max-width: 575px) { .products.collection-content-wrapper .nested-category-breadcrumb { text-transform: uppercase; opacity: 1; } } /* on mobile, hide product page "browsing..." header title */ @media screen and (max-width: 575px) { #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1615177143698_1518 { display: none; visibility: hidden; }} /* on mobile, center product cat title */ @media screen and (max-width: 575px) { .products.collection-content-wrapper .nested-category-title { text-align: center; /* was: left */ padding-top: 20px; }} /* on mobile, center product sub-cat title */ @media screen and (max-width: 575px) { .tweak-products-category-title .products.collection-content-wrapper .nested-category-title.nested-category-title-padding { padding-bottom: 30px; /* was: 54 */ margin-bottom: 0px; /* was: 37 */ position: relative; display: inherit; /* was: flex */ flex-direction: row; }} /* on mobile, adjust product sub-cat nav */ @media screen and (max-width: 575px) { .products.collection-content-wrapper .nested-category-children { padding-top: 15px; /* was: 44 */ padding-bottom: 30px; margin-bottom: 0; flex-wrap: wrap; /* was: nowrap */ overflow-x: scroll; justify-content: center; /* was: start */ }}
  2. Unfortunately, Squarespace is currently built where if you edit the layout of one store, it effects all the others. Don't ask me why! Their multi-store support is not robust at this time. Hoping for more options and flexibility going forward. However, this post does have a workaround. Not ideal, but it should work for your needs:
  3. rwp, still no go unfortunately. I fixed the <script> tag. Good catch. I also tried adding your script to site-wide injection, and "Shop" page injection (not at the same time) but neither worked. Here's the bare-bones staging site: https://poodle-dandelion-3fkk.squarespace.com/shop pswd: interwebs Would appreciate any other thoughts if you have them.
  4. rwp, First off, this is a MUST HAVE. The horizontal Cat scroll is a ux nightmare. I tried exactly what you laid out. Tested on mobile. Unfortunately, no effect. - Added Jquery to global header - Added your JS script to global header To be clear, I am supposed to put the Jquery in the header code injection area, correct? And same with your script? I made sure to add <script>and</script> tags See attached screenshot to confirm. Any further guidance would be very much appreciated.
  5. Or Squarespace engineers could just... you know... make it work like every other site on the internet. Just a thought vs resorting to obtuse or temporary workarounds like JS injections. Same boat here. Want it. Need it. Waiting patiently for it.
  6. You could probably do it with JS. You would have to look into it, get some help etc. Plenty of front-end devs out there to collab with. I agree, it's a common-sense feature. After all, SQS's main thing is "rich experiences" that are easy to create and manage. Playing multiple videos on load or when playhead is clicked makes sense to me. For now, in 7.1 I'm using full bg video on our new site (sorry, no link yet). The main problem here is that it's YouTube, Vimeo or bust - take your pick. Whereas Squarespace should allow us to upload our clips natively, skipping the nonsense of 3rd party linking and crap playback/looping, they'd have to host and manage and facilitate that bleepshow. So part of me doesn't blame them! YT shows it's ugly links and player chrome on load, and on loop. Yet SQS says we should keep video loop lengths short for faster loading. Kind of defeats the purpose of looping if the loop isn't seamless, right? At least for my purposes. The result is a butt-ugly transition, and a totally un-pro vibe. Haven't tried Vimeo load yet. Hoping it's not the same problem. As in, hoping it loads and loops without any visible "Vimeo" bs. I don't have my hopes up though :/
  7. Robino is exactly right. Unlike with 7.0 where anchor links scroll smoothly to the next section in say, an index page, 7.1 loads the target section. Apparently it's modular containers are fused together in a new way that creates an undesirable 'page load' effect when targeting sections with anchors vs smooth scrolling to it like 7.0. Not ideal. I've tried a few tricks but nothing has worked yet. Will post if anything changes. Hopefully their engineers can figure out how to allow for smooth anchor scrolling the way we are all used to implementing it.
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