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  1. Site URL: https://www.designbyemily.co.uk Hi How do I make these 2 buttons which are side by side on desktop, side by side on mobile rather than stacked? Thanks!
  2. Here's the page with both the slideshow and a gallery block set to one thumbnail per row. So I'd like the slideshow on mobile and the gallery block on desktop. https://www.designbyemily.co.uk/eucalyptus-test Thanks!
  3. Site URL: https://www.designbyemily.co.uk Hi Is there any way of changing a stacked gallery view on desktop to be a slideshow on mobile? I'm trying to find a way to have a slideshow view on mobile so all the images aren't stacked and clients have to scroll down so far. Any other ideas to help with this are welcome. Thanks Emily www.designbyemily.co.uk
  4. Hi I want to make the bottom section of my footer bar black but can't work out how to change the font to white without change all the other body set in the whole footer. Can anyone help? www.designbyemily.co.uk Thanks Heres my current custom csc, I know the p-color: #00000 is the incorrect bit... .tweak-site-width-option-full-background .Footer-inner { max-width: none; } .Footer-inner { padding: 0px; } .Footer-blocks--top, .Footer-middle, .Footer-blocks--bottom { padding: 0 0px; } .Footer-blocks--top { padding-top: 50px; background-color: #F2F2F2; } .Footer-middle {padding: 50px; padding-top: 40px; background-color: #ffffff; padding-bottom: 0px; } .Footer-blocks--bottom { padding-top: 50px; background-color: #F2F2F2; p-color: #000000}
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