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  1. Thanks tuanphan, the codes work well in home page. But the sub-page keep showing the same problem. Like the service navigation in English Mode. Is that any code that I can use for the whole page?? Many thanks!!!
  2. Hi everyone, I am setting multilingual navigation for my website. www.bizlinks.com.auIf I click the English button on the right corner, the webpage will change to English mode, but the navigation title doesn't change except I manual reload the page. I'm using the Mojave template, the structure of the website is attached below. I'm using this code for the primary navigation <style>nav.Header-nav--secondary { display: none; } .Mobile-overlay-nav--secondary { display: none; } </style> And this code for the Secondary Navigation. <style>nav.Header-nav--primary { display: none; } .Mobile-overlay-nav--primary { display: none; } </style> It's that any code to add that can fix this issue? Many thanks.
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