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  1. Hi, my website is informd.co.in and informd.squarespace.com where the logo is a light shade of grey. The logo needs to be white but that would make it invisible on the mobile site. Can someone help me get CSS to make the logo black on the mobile site? Thanks in advance! :)
  2. @tuanphan I switched the desktop format to have all images on the left side so that the stacking wouldn't affect the mobile site. The first image is how I want my desktop site to look. However, that makes the mobile block order go ----> image, text, text, image, image, text, text, image, image, text. Can you please help me with the CSS code that would correct this in the mobile view?
  3. Lots of folks have asked a similar question in different ways and there don't seem to be answers posted, so I figured I'd try again. This community is such an amazing resource! I am wondering if there is a way to use CSS to swap the order of blocks in mobile view so that you can specify some blocks to stack right to left rather than the standard left to right. So something like: @media only screen and (max-width: 640px) { //identify blocks you want to swap and change their order } My site is informd.co.in or informd.squarespace.com . Here's what I want to do specifically (on the team page): I really like my desktop arrangement, which is: <1 picture> <2 text> <3 text> <4 picture> Ideally I would like my mobile view to be arranged: <1 picture> <2 text> <4 picture> <3 text> But squarespace goes left to right so it ends up as: <1 picture> <2 text> <3 text> <4 picture> Is there css to swap blocks 3 and 4 in the mobile view? Thank you in advance!
  4. Hey @BrandonW ! I'm new to SquareSpace and have this exact same problem. My website is informd.co.in. Tried tweaking your code but it doesn't work for me. Can you please help me out?
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