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  1. UPDATE: I've come across this piece of code which looks like what I'm after. As a bit of a newbie coder though, I can't quite figure out how to make it work on my site - any advice? https://medium.com/@_patrickcameron/a-complete-beginner-s-guide-to-changing-background-colour-on-scroll-using-jquery-fce686d55049
  2. Hi there, I'd like to add a background to my website that is similar to this example: https://www.ginlane.com/ I've managed to work out how to just add a background color gradient, but it isn't quite the effect I'm after and I'd more so like to add a gradient/color change that activates on scroll. As I will be using colors that don't necessarily gradate (as per the example above), I'm wondering if instead of looking for a gradient option I should be looking for an option that would offer a smooth transition between background colors instead? I'm using the Mentor template, which is in the
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