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  1. Sorry I found how to increase that number. I will just continue with carousel
  2. Thank you I am changing to the carousel for now because of the ability to change this wording. I still would like to know if there is a way to change the header in the grid style. I wanted to use a grid as limit is 30 rather than 6 in carousel.
  3. I tried this too. I am not sure about what the default one is. I ended up just changing the background of my whole site to another slightly darker color which also changed the background color of the pull down menu. Not exactly what I wanted but it works.
  4. Thank you! I entered it into last line of css and it did not fix the issue. I am not sure why.
  5. Hello, I am trying to figure out why the word featured it showing up on every summary block I create I do not have the featured post option checked if I do check it It will get rid of everything because none of my posts are listed as featured. He is the site check out what I mean on each page it has the word featured. https://rightbrainedteacher.com/
  6. I am looking to change the font color of my drop down menu which is a folder containing pages to create categories under the blog toggle. As it is the background and font colors are both white it is very hard to read. I would like the font to be this color #f78daf when toggling over the drop down. Or for the background of the drop down menu to be that same color and keep the font color white so that you can see it. I have an understanding of how to insert code into the css but not how to write it myself. Here is the site: https://rightbrainedteacher.com/
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