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  1. Hi @tuanphan -- is there a way to make the www.jaapw.com home page padding you shared show only on desktop, not mobile? The alignment on mobile is a bit off now. Also -- and I know I've been asking you for A LOT -- if you have a way to make the navigation hamburger on mobile align top right (at the same level as the mobile page tile, that would be awesome. Thank you very much for your help. You're amazing!
  2. "Do you want to disable click when hovering over an image? Or change the mouse pointer icon when hovering over the image?" -- thanks, I'm actually not looking to change this. On the home page all I'm trying to do is increase padding on the left and right outside of the image block, in order to have the block shrink a bit and align with the title/tagline on the left and navigation on the right. I'd like to the margins between the images inside the image block stay the same (3px).
  3. Thanks a lot @tuanphan. Got the title and tag line padding to work with your code. As for alignment on HOME https://www.jaapw.com/: - looking to align title and tag line left with left end of image block - navigation to align right with right end of image of image block - padding between images in image block should stay same Same as on https://www.jaapw.com/work but somehow cant get it to work on HOME. Thanks again for your awesome help.
  4. Hi -- on my home page www.jaapw.com I'm trying to: 1. align the text of title, tagline and navigation with the image block below it (left + right side); 2. increase padding above the site title; and 3. reduce padding between site title and tag line. If anyone has CSS code for these, would love to use it, thanks a lot.
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