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  1. http://accessacting.com the popup should be the first thing you see. how to make the close button bigger?
  2. I'm helping with a website for low vision folks and the close button is a tad on the small side on the promotional pop up. What is the custom CSS to make it bigger? Thanks in advance!
  3. Yeah this is kinda wack, especially during covid. I have clients selling unique individual zoom links for unique classes, and as I understand it I can't get SquareSpace product purchase confirmation emails to automatically send a unique zoom link. That leaves digital downloads as the option, where you put the link in a txt file or what have you, but they have to D/L the text file within 24 hours? What is that? Correct me if I'm wrong (and I'm often wrong), but this is a major issue if there's no way to just sell links on your site, which offers services where the thing you bought
  4. This is specific to the Wells template. If you hover your mouse over the big gallery image in the template, the cursor changes to left-right arrows (or up-down if you hover in the middle of the image). I want to prevent the cursor change and instead make it so that clicking the big image makes it open in a light box. Here's what I mean: https://wells-demo.squarespace.com/pgh5rpj7l7jqgh0spt6ahxgx8ntzsf
  5. Just kidding more questions: I can't style font-family or text-transform (among other things) specifically in .image-desc, but it works fine in .image-title. Is there a different name for that element?
  6. Great! I knew it'd be simple, I just didn't know what they were called in the CSS. Ok one more question while I've got you here. In Wells, when you hover over the big gallery images, it gives the up-down and left-right arrow cursor options to navigate through the images. Is there a simple way to change that to a regular mouse symbol that, when you click, just enlarges the images in a lightbox? Thanks in advance.
  7. Awesome thanks. Along these same lines, how to style the description of the image titles? (Wells template)
  8. There must some some easy snippet of custom CSS to do this. Anyone know it?
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