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  1. No worries, live now. Here you go: https://www.lizcalvi.com/control-release-delete
  2. of course! its: www.lizcalvi.com but the page I'd like to add the strikethrough on isn't live yet...was waiting to finalize it. If you need it live to help happy to do so :)
  3. I'm trying to add a strikethrough to only one word in my Page Navigation link. The project title is: "Control, Release, Delete" I'd like to have the link mirror the project title and only have the word 'release' with a strikethrough but I've only been able to find custom CSS / HTML for making all the site navigation links have a strikethrough... Screenshot below where I've circled the word 'release' to give a visual. Any suggestions how to do a strikethrough only on this one word? Thanks!
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