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  1. @tuanphan Could I get your help with the same issue the original poster had? I have 3 image poster blocks and want to increase the title & subtitle text for Mobile View. I tried the code below for the first block and it updates when I do mobile preview on my desktop, but not on the actual mobile view. I appreciate any input! URL: https://www.getintherapy.com pw: test I want to target the 3 poster blocks: "Effective": #block-4a7490a097e4efff55ad , "Transformative": #block-2d460c2b6a3c0861d06b, and "Efficient": #block-795829f2e712ec5528aa CODE for 1st poster block (not working for subtitle text): /*Effective*/ @media screen and (max-width:640px) { div#block-4a7490a097e4efff55ad .image-title-wrapper * { font-size: 30px !important; } div#block-4a7490a097e4efff55ad .image-title-wrapper .image-subtitle-wrapper * { font-size: 25px !important; } }
  2. Site URL: https://www.arielleneal.com/test-page I am trying to use multiple fonts on a single line of text (specifically a serif and script font) for a client's website on Squarespace 7.1 The site is currently on a trial site, so I'm troubleshooting on an unpublished page of my own website (7.0) but still having the same issues. The color, size and weight of the targeted word changes, but the font isn't changing. I've tried switching it to various non-custom fonts that already exist in Squarespace and none of them work. Please help! I don't want to resort to adding the script font via images throughout the site. CSS Code: h1 em strong, h1 strong em { color: lightpink; font-family: pacifico; font-style: normal; /*if you want to remove the italics*/ font-weight: normal; /*if you want to remove the bold style*/ text-transform: none; /*if you want to remove the all uppercase or lowercase style*/ } This is the tutorial I used, the font color changes but it's not in pacifico: https://beatrizcaraballo.com/blog/add-another-heading-to-squarespace-without-code-blocks Thank you!!
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