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  1. Site URL: https://www.collective131.com/paintings Hi! Is there code to separate categories and headings in the list on shop pages? Like by Size, Maker, Object, etc.? I want it to look something like this (pic attached) Thank you!!
  2. Site URL: https://www.collective131.com I am trying to become a Pinterest Verified Merchant, and have so far uploaded my Sqsp product data feed to it (I just used the Facebook/Instagram that Squarespace gives you). But Pinterest says that products are missing the Google_product_category - which hinders using all of the features. Does anyone know how to add Google product IDs/categories? Hope that makes sense!
  3. I noticed that SS has FINALLY partnered with TaxJar to automate Sales Tax!! It wasn't announced and I just happened to find it under Taxes. So far it has been working!
  4. This issue keeps me up at night. If Squarespace doesn’t add this key integration soon, I will be forced to move my website to another platform. I work out of NY which has a bajillion tax rates. I’m not going to enter every zip code. That’s insanity
  5. I sell artwork on my website and want the product titles to be: Artist Name Artwork Title Used a code from @Paul2009 which worked for the actual product page - but it's still showing as Artist Name - Artwork Title in the summary product block. Any help? Thanks! example is https://www.collective131.com/susan-m-b-chen
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