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  1. I am new to CSS and I am trying to create some changes to my site.I am trying to change the font size only when displayed on phone, and only on one page:https://raspberry-hibiscus-59n4.squarespace.com/?p I want to change the fonts that are on the first picture (the quote) Thank you in advance for your help
  2. I want to change a certain page in my website, I understood the certain code for the change but I cannot find the way to find my #div page. I know that I need to press the inspect button and then I can find it somewhere there. In my case I am trying to find the top portion of this page:https://raspberry-hibiscus-59n4.squarespace.com/?p Where there is a picture and a quote on it, my goal is to make the font smaller when it is viewd on my phone. Thank you for your help :)
  3. Thank you for your help.The pictures did change their font size and now it looks great on the "about me" page.On the "deppening method" page:Instead of enlarging the font only on the picture it self it enlarged the fonts on all the page. Also, Do you maybe know how I can make the deeping picture taller and wider when its on phone display? Thank you again for your help :)
  4. Hi,I am trying to style my website so it will look good on my phone.I managed to enter CSS to change font size for my H1 and H3 But there are 6 pictures with text that I can't figure out how to changeits the 5 pictures in this page:https://raspberry-hibiscus-59n4.squarespace.com/?p I want to make the fonts smaller. And in this page:https://raspberry-hibiscus-59n4.squarespace.com/adult?p There is a picture in the middle of the page (where it says deepening method), on my computer it looks great but the picture on my phone looks small and the font on it looks small too. Thank you in advance for your help. :)
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