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  1. Hi Paul2009 Thanks for your reply.I did what you suggested. But then Squarespace want me to buy a plan. I've already bought The Basic one, a few days ago, now with the wrong Template. Is it still possible to change... I really need to get my site going now. I believed this was a more easy way than going with the Wordpress one. ( I'm aware Squarespace is not yr business) - Just annoyed. Tricked by the wrapping it seems. or Is there a way to get it rockin' ¥¥¥ anyone to help? Side note: Is it really true that I can't find a single email address to reach support? - Wow, I'm paying some company 30$ a month and no Contact. greetingsbvk
  2. Hi! I have been searching for answers regarding how to choose another template from scratch in 7.1? could someone please help.or do I have exterminate my account. :( greetingsbvk.
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