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  1. I'm a brand and web designer for wellness professionals and yoga teachers, and I'm based in Salt Lake City. I'm no SEO expert but I get asked often about it by my clients, and it's a big consideration when they choose a platform for their website. I'm here to learn SEO best-practices and to maybe help squash the myth that Squarespace is somehow inferior to other platforms when it comes to SEO! 😄
  2. I've recently worked on the artwork for two podcasts: Live the Light of Yoga and Things That Will Help. Both are insightful for anyone interested in incorporating yoga and mindful living into their daily life!
  3. Yes! I have been searching the web too and just found code to do this. First you need parallax enabled in the Site Design. This code will disable it on any standalone or index page you specify. You first need to look up the data-parallax-id that is specific to the background image. Then just replace it in the code below, and add to your custom CSS. [data-parallax-id="PLACE ID HERE"] figure { transform: none !important; top: 0 !important; bottom: 0 !important; will-change: auto !important; }
  4. I really like the styling of the Events Page in list view. I'd like this exact same view to display on my index page, but I can't seem to figure it out. Is this possible? For now I've added a summary to the index but the styling is different and not nearly as engaging. I'm using Brine. www.paderewski.squarespace.com What it looks like now as a summary block: What it looks like on its own events page, and what I want on my index:
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