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  1. Hi -- any further ideas or thoughts @tuanphan ?? thanks.
  2. To be clear: I simply need the social icons on the page i sent (/rickshawnyc) to direct users to different "mail to" email address, Facebook URL, and Instagram URL than the one on the /bio page. The template will not allow you to do this. I need custom code.
  3. I'm just talking about the social icons on the page. When you click on them, I want them to lead to distinct destinations (URLs) from what I have elsewhere on the site (here: https://www.andyisaacson.net/bio)
  4. https://www.andyisaacson.net/rickshawnyc Thank you!
  5. Help! The Squarespace templates don't allow you to have two different set of contact info for social (email, IG, FB) on two different sections of the site -- when you edit the styling for one feature it updates all similar styles within the website. Which is a bummer, because I have a distinct project page on my site that requires a unique set of social/contact info. Can anyone advise or help me create the custom code for that? Thanks!
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