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  1. [data-test=purchaseButton] { visibility: hidden; } [data-test=purchaseButton]:after { visibility: visible; content: "New Text"; display: block; background: #000; color: #fff; padding: 10px; width: 100%; }
  2. Just to be sure:I simply copy the lines into the CSS at DESIGN > CUSTOM CSS ... save it ... correct? Still, nothing. I am sorry.
  3. I put on the "test mode". So you don't have to worry about any purchase. ;-)Will that work for you, too?
  4. Thank you anyway! You tried. I really appreciated your help.Squarespace didn't do anything so far, nor got back to me. If say do not reply soon, I might have to change my provider. There are companies, which do allow to change the button texts etc., thus comply with German Laws.Again: THX to you!
  5. I am sorry, but it still doesn't do anything... :-(
  6. It gives back: "syntax error in line 6"
  7. Unfortunately, this didn't do anything. The text is still "Jetzt kaufen".
  8. Here you may find the code: I would just need to replace "Jetzt kaufen" with something like "kostenpflichtig bestellen". But I don't know how. Maybe you would know? Thanks for your help!
  9. Here you can see the button: Here you may find the code:![alt text][2]
  10. I put the online shop ... online. You may find a product here:https://beaudioful.com/shop-raeck/vz16lw9640xadg3c5esda9yfzebtan-nb8t8-gyf9y-ryzhk Thanks for your help!
  11. Sorry, but I will not share a password here. Please PM me. THX.
  12. Here you may find a product to add to your shopping card. Not sure if the link works though, since the online shop is not online for the legal issue.Let me know. Link: https://beaudioful.com/shop-raeck/vz16lw9640xadg3c5esda9yfzebtan-nb8t8-ehbam Thanks in advance for your support.
  13. Hey there,according to German Law, I would need to modify the descriptive text on the current final checkout button from "jetzt bestellen" to something like "kostenpflichtig bestellen". How do I do this?Thank you very much!Best regards,André of beaudioful.com
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