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  1. Hey guys, I have an issue with making a responsive and mobile friendly website. Some images display too small and some images get too big and spill out on the edges. I am hoping to figure out some custom code to fix this issue since the images are a good size on the desktop version. Would really appreciate the help. The website in question is: beige.style Thanks so much in advance! @Paul2009 @justin1024@jasonbarone @eanderson @BrandonW
  2. @swanson456 omgash this worked perfectly! Thanks so much for your help!
  3. @tuanphanThank you for your message! Do you mean the link to my website? If so this has not been made live yet, since I want to try and get the desired look of it first - which I am unable to do at the moment. As for the code you attached, it unfortunately is still not working.
  4. Hey Guys, I am really stuck with adding custom fonts to some image Layout Blocks that I have added to my page and hoping for some help. I have been using custom CSS code to add the custom fonts, however, I am then unable to apply this font to the image layout block header font. I have tried using the following code: .sqs-block-image .image-caption p { font-family: Butler;} which unfortunately has not worked. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks,Su
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