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  1. Oh! That's is perfect!!! Thank you so much :)
  2. I would like to change logo here:https://institutotramontana.squarespace.com/programashttps://institutotramontana.squarespace.com/programas-ejecutivoshttps://institutotramontana.squarespace.com/programas-profesionaleshttps://institutotramontana.squarespace.com/cursos-de-especializacion
  3. Oh! Do you know how can use CSS to change the logo? Thanks
  4. I'd like to change the logo (in my header) on a few pages (black logo to white logo)I'm using the Brine template. I'm using this script, thanks to @Lizm : <script> window.onload = function() { document.getElementsByClassName('Header-branding-logo')[0].src = 'https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5d0ca9426637b00001e0b944/t/5d276e25b5ed870001bf52d7/1562865189567/logo-white.png'; }; </script> But not runs perfect, because in Safari, when I'm in a section with black logo and click on the section with white logo and this script, the logo appears black. If I refresh de page, the logo load well (white). So I think maybe is for the cache. Can you help me? URL with black logo: https://institutotramontana.squarespace.com/mision-y-visionIf you click in Programas on top, appears URL with white logo and script. But just the logo appears in white when you refresh the page: https://institutotramontana.squarespace.com/programas Thanks
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