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  1. Hi, I have an issue which I am sure is very easy to fix, however I could not find any info on the forum so far and after trying some code injection did not get any result either. Here is my problem:adding a banner image to a section is automatically changing the colour and style of my text and newsletter blocks within this section: I don't want that. How can I prevent this from happening or at least correct it. Please find some screenshots below: On the one hand, you can see on the upper screenshot that: - [markdown] is blue - [newsletter] title is black - [newsletter] button is blue On the other hand, on the below screenshot you can see that: - [markdown] is blue (but only because I modified the code inside the [markdown], otherwise it would become white) - [newsletter] title becomes white - [newsletter] button becomes white So far I did not succeed fixing that problem. Any help would be much appreciated please :) Thanks in advance, Thibaud
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