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  1. And I see that I can't even navigate to that page, so I don't know how to direct you. If I google myself, this is another image that comes up, and the link leads to this pagehttps://littlewidow.com/free-association/tag/The+SunI see my name nowhere, so I don't know what I'm missing. Thanks
  2. Hi, sorry. One of the summary pages is littlewidow.com/readings2. I deleted a few of the pictures but the rest are still there... they are the photos that show under the thumbnail Option in the regular Readings post if I go in to edit, it pulls them from there. The Aviation template doesn't allow you to format certain ways so I created the Summary pages as a not linked page that the others pull from per a suggestion on the help pages. I can just delete this, but I'd still like to know where the name is coming from so I don't make this mistake again elsewhere on this site or another.
  3. Hi! I have a website with squarespace, and I added a summary page recently. Every image from my summary page somehow has my full name on it, which is searchable by Google. I do not have my full name anywhere on the website, so I have no idea where this is coming from that a search of my first and last name brings people to these images.... I work in a corporate environment, and my website is a hobby. If I hadn't paid for a full year I'd delete the entire thing out of privacy concerns, though I hate to do that if there is just a way to get my name off these images! Here is a link to the page all the images to you to, again, I see my name nowhere. https://littlewidow.com/readingsThank you so much in advance for your help!
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