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  1. Hi Buck. Did you ever find a solution for your searchable directory question?

  2. Hello Paul2009OK, so its really phone directory lookup (similar to 411.ca) that will have search bar and then a visitor can either lookup either by name or some category such as department. The search should return a specific result such as name,phone number and email address if searching someone specific by name or if the search is by department then it should return a list of people in that department with all the particular mentioned above.Thank you again
  3. Thank you Paul2009 What are my options then? How would I go about doing this. Is there an zapier integration that I can use that will allow me to create a searchable directory list? Thanks
  4. Hello Is there a way to create a phone or organization directory list with search or a lookup function based on department or category of people and function?ThanksBuck
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