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  1. With the font styles of the second image, and I'd like the consent statement to be a small checkbox under the email form like the first image but with a link to our privacy policy and the subscribe button below that next to a reCAPTCHA button (but I'm not sure how to build in the reCAPTCHA.Also I'd prefer for the newsletter block to be a statement on the page - same height as width and how would I round the corners similar to the subscribe button?

    I know this is a lot but I'm a complete novice here but eager to learn. You should get some rest too. Thanks!

  2. I've been able to align the header title and description to the left and used a max-width of 50% to keep the text only on the left of the block but in trying to align the email form and submit button to float to the right beside the text it doesn't work. On further inspection I realized that even though the max-width is set to 50% the header title and description space still occupies the entire newsletter block. Is there a CSS workaround to achieve the layout that I want? I'm at my wits end and super frustrated at this point.

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