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  1. Do you know what would be that first part I need to override the titles on the thumbnails on the main page "Tasty" to match my new look? instead of " .collection-type-gallery.gallery-design-grid .slide .slide-meta"....what would it be for the gallery of Tasty images on that main page? Emily
  2. This is all so helpful and is working great! One last question...do you know how I could make the text box or text area background black? paulaspalate.com/tasty Thanks in advance!Emily
  3. Thanks for this! It worked! Is there any way to style the text box the same way it looks on the page: https://paulaspalate.squarespace.com/tasty? If not, that's ok...just seeing if I can overlay the text on the image with the black background and change the font.
  4. I have recipes sorted into categories, and displaying as the Gallery Grid when filtering the categories. However, there is no style setting to have the Gallery Info (image titles) displaying on top of the images. Please look at this page: https://paulaspalate.squarespace.com/tastyOnce you start filtering the categories, the text goes away. I need some sort of css override. Please help!This is the foster template.
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